Will you be the world’s saviour, or its master?

You must choose.

Enter a new occult world.

Enter a new occult universe, which is layered just beneath our own. A full cast of incredible characters awaits, as you find your fate within the Dark School.

Find your fate.

You drive this story, and you will make the choices that ultimately will lead to your success or your demise. You may even find a date worse than death.

Choose your path.

You will decide what type of hero – or villain – you will be. Will you master the occult for your own pleasure, to gain power, or to transform our Earth into paradise?

Find Your Fate in the Dark School Series:

Dark School - Path of the Neophyte - by Matti Silver
Dark School: Path of the Neophyte
Dark School - Mark of the Adept - by Matti Silver
Dark School: Mark of the Adept
Dark School - Work of the Magus - by Matti Silver
Dark School: Work of the Magus
Dark School - Beginnings - by Matti Silver
Dark School: Beginnings

Other books by Matti Silver:

Mage World: Book One
Mage World: The Burning Crusade
Mage World: Renaissance
Immortal Universe by Matti Silver and Vito Andrews

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