Dark School

The story opens with an elderly man completing his will and placing it in a handcrafted wooden box along with a key chain holding five keys, a pocket watch, a vial, a small pouch, and a leather-bound black book. Reminiscing over days gone by, and considering past achievements and failures, his final thoughts deliver him to a slumber from which he will not awaken.

Path of the Neophyte

Told in second person, the reader, as a student at the Dark School, takes the lead as protagonist – or antagonist, depending on the choices you make. Study prudently to amass great power through trial and error, but be warned, those choices will determine the fate of the world and any wrong move could be your last! Learn wisely and your power will reign supreme. With a clever cast of demons, spirits, and other supernatural beings, it’s a dark story that unfolds in the most unexpected manner and it is impossible to predict where your next move will take you, so enjoy the ride and be mindful of the hour!

Mark of the Adept

A gate has opened. We can’t pinpoint exactly when it happened or even why. What we do know is that the world is permanently altered by some obscure alterations to the norm. Mankind exists in a new reality where, due to a pandemic, even the basic laws of nature are compromised and people are quite literally losing their minds. As an Adept, readers are charged to combat this invasion that threatens humanity at its very core. Will you rise to the challenge as a powerful leader in a new world order or succumb to the forces of your enemies?

Work of the Magus

At this point in the series, there are only masters and servants. The masters are busy commanding loyalties – astral powers and dark forces – for a higher purpose, The Great Work. The main character’s (the reader’s) development over the course of the books, from neophyte to adept, and beyond, culminates in the ultimate test of attaining mastery to join the esteemed ranks of the enlightened elite. By the time we get to “Work of the Magus” you have evolved into a master of your own right as compared to some humans, but you feel like there is more for you to learn. There’s a catch though –  in order to continue, you must somehow attract the attention of the great ones and prove you are worthy.

Additional Praise for Matti Silver

Mage World

Born in the clouds, with warnings of life down on the land being deadly and dangerous, young mage Silvanus cannot help but feel that there is something more out there. His people once lived on the land, but retreated to the clouds after a huge war. His people, however, are amazing. They can control the wind and fly, yet Silvanus still yearns for the unknown. A potentially deadly fall gives him a chance to find out, and he finds the earth is an amazing place full of color, delicious food, interesting people, plants, and fauna. Silvanus makes his first connection with the Plainswalkers and is then sent out on a mission with one of their mages to discover if there are more mages in unexplored parts of the world. What they find is amazing. There are nations of people who have developed incredible talents to help them survive the hardships of where they reside. Silvanus and his team act as ambassadors to work to help unify all the nations of the Mage World. The question is can they keep everyone united despite their differences?

Mage World Book 2: The Burning Crusade

In this story, the Pyros’ population has overrun their fiery land. Instead of seeking a way to peacefully spread out into lands of the other nations, their leader decides to leash a burning crusade to conquer the lands that will sustain them. Their attack is devastating and destructive. The people of the alliance work together to lead a counterattack that is swift and strong, using their special mage abilities and excellent strategic planning to prevail. The thrill of victory is bittersweet when the losses of people and resources have been so devastating. Despite this, mages of other nations, who once left the alliance, begin to return. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for the Mage World.

Mage World: Renaissance

The mages have gained a sense of equilibrium amongst themselves and are working to learn what happens when their abilities are combined. They are excited to discover there is a synergistic effect. These result in the mages being able to develop fantastic advances that help them create an even better world. A downside to these rapid advances comes at a cost to the mages. The results are unbelievable and extremely unnerving.