Occult Findings Ep. 01: The Hour of Saturn

The first hour is unlike how most humans think of beginnings. The Hour of Saturn is a manifestation of a place before beginnings. An entryway to the Source. We do not sense the first cells we were born from. We do not recollect our first memories. The first steps we took to become what we are whether great or wretched are rarely ever fully known to us. But it is from this Source, from Un-being that all creatures in the physical world find their roots.

Many are content with their lot here. Some immerse themselves in the quest for wealth. Others escape into imaginative constructs and dream worlds. For many still, the promise of love or prestige within society feeds their being and gives them purpose. But to the adepts that embrace the Darkest Hour you have discovered an irrefutable truth; that these are just prisons.

Entropy slowly but inevitably destroys all of them alike. None are spared. This force of universal decay is for you an ally it gives you focus and direction. In order to ascend to the Source of all being you must first shed what separates you from it. You utilize the powers of Saturn to achieve your goals and as such you become isolated from all that would hinder your progress. Your way is solitary. Your role is the Hermit. You crave the truth that the rest of humanity has been running from. All the darkness and pain that comes from seeking it out is for you a reward and a privilege.

Should you accept this burden then you will be able to readily call to your side the Saturnites. These destructive entities bring with them the desolation of their hour. Only a skilled adept would dare summon them and only a true Hermit could stand in their presence and not be broken. The other Hourly races fear them and have a resistance to working alongside them. An occultist who carelessly summons a Saturnite will likely find this action to be their last. A troubling uneasiness always accompanies encounters with a Saturnite or  Hermit specialist. The results of drawing upon oneself this all-devouring darkness will always repulse those unlike itself. 

The inevitable end of this journey is no end at all. It is a rising beyond being. It is a re-entry into the unbecoming. Enter the Dark School and discover if this is your destiny.

We use Saturn to consume our substance that we might break this temporal prison and move beyond time and space into an endless always ever-flowing being one and alone.

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